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Wavetalks Ep 17: Let’s talk about nutrition…with a certified nutritionist! (guest: Sydney Shindle)

In this podcast we have a really great discussion with a really great person! Sidney Shindle is a Certified Nutritionist who works with all sorts of folks to help them feel good on the inside and the outside.

The co-founder of Fiore Health and an associate of Veritas Wellness among many other titles and accomplishments, Sydney is a well-spoken and concise advocate for anyone looking to make strong structural changes in their lives around food, or athletics, or linguistics. Let’s face it she seems good at everything.

Today’s conversation barely scratches the surface of her  expertise, but we learned a lot in the hour chat that we had with her. We really could have talked forever, so we know that you’re going to learn a lot here as well.

If you’re interested in working with Sidney, then she can be reached through the following links:

@veritaswellness @fiorehealthacademy

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