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Experience 1-on-1 personal trainer services

We get it, the fitness journey can sometimes feel like a giant wave of uncertainty. Goals can be overwhelming, and motivation? Well, let’s just say it can be a bit of a slippery fish! But worry not, because you’ve got our personal trainers in your corner, ready to surf this wellness wave with you. Whether you’re a newbie to the whole exercise scene or practically have a VIP pass to your local gym, we’re here to be your fitness fairy godparents. Our mission? To help you build a fitness routine that’s as cozy as your favourite pyjamas, all while helping you become stronger, healthier and have a blast doing it. 

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1-1 virtual coaching

Picture this, you, your living room and our expert guidance beamed right through the internet. We adapt to your space and equipment, wherever you are. How’s that for a virtual fitness fiesta?


30-minute session: $60 + tax

60-minute session: $100 + tax

1-1 in-person coaching

If you’re in New Westminster or Port Coquitlam, BC, you can meet us in the flesh! We’ll transform local gyms, parks or even your home into your fitness playground. (Psst… we might be able to swing other locations too if you ask nicely). 


30-minute session: $65 + tax

60-minute session: $115 + tax

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the 3Wave, where we’re all about fitness, fun and being your biggest cheerleaders on this journey.

ready to ride the self-care wave?

Our personal trainers are absolutely thrilled to offer you all the support and guidance you need to help you conquer your goals.

why choose a 3wave personal trainer?

At 3Wave, we’re a diverse bunch of personal trainers with experience ranging from training athletes to busy working professionals and everyone in between. We know that each journey is unique and we’re here to tailor a plan that suits you perfectly.

We’re not about pushing you towards some generic fitness goal. Nope, not our style. Instead, we’re all ears when it comes to your needs, dreams and goals. Your fitness journey is like a road trip and it’s way more fun when you’ve got a buddy to share it with (that’s us!).

“They are not your cookie cutter trainers that you see at a large brand name gym. They actually care and are with you every step in your journey. Would recommend them in a heartbeat!”
Online Training Client

let's get personal

Consider us your compass in the fitness wilderness – always pointing you in the right direction no matter how wild the terrain gets!

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