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Use what you know to create new habits

So, you think you have proven habit forming techniques? The answer is: you absolutely do! Our habits are formed through repeated past experiences that get imprinted into our brain. The more…

Gamify your workout for success!

Gamifying your workout with a points system is one way that you can keep your fitness goals on track in a fun way, and it can help you develop motivation…

How to Set Realistic & Achievable Goals

A goal, such as a New Year’s resolution has traditionally been seen as a great way to set goals and make positive changes in one’s life. But for many people,…

Water: the Unsung Hero of PSL Season

Seriously? It’s already F’ing Pumpkin Spice Latte season again? OK, I need a glass of water to calm down. And maybe so do you. Do you feel called out? So…

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