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4 Keys for Fitness Success

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Want to know the magic formula for reaching your fitness goals?

The thing is, we all know there’s no magic pill to help you reach all your wildest fitness dreams.
But we do know that there are some tried, tested and proven habits that you can implement to help you get strong,feel healthy and be confident in whatever gym space you’re working in:


1. Consistency
Show up however you can! Not every workout has to be a max effort fight to the death of your muscles. Schedule short, fun sessions for movement, and show up to do the best you can in the moment. Something is better than nothing!

2. Progressive Overload
On your good days, try not to stick with the same weights and repetitions every session. Try picking up a slightly heavier weight once your current one feels a bit easy. Or if the next weight is too heavy, add a few more reps instead. Or you could increase the range of motion you’re working with if it’s safe to do so. It’s time to get a little uncomfortable so that you can grow and flourish like the majestic butterfly you are!

3. Reps to Fatigue
If you want to feel stronger, you need to challenge yourself. If you’re breezing through your exercises barely breaking a sweat, you might not be pushing your muscles enough for them to adapt and grow. A good rule is to have about 2 reps in reserve when you finish a set. This fatigue that you feel at the end of the set will be your indicator!

4. Recovery
This one is the key of keys! If your body is going to show up for you and grow for you, you need to take good care of yourself! This means sleeping, eating, getting lost in your favourite activities, spending time with people you love, getting outside, putting your face on a cat or dog… the possibilities are endless! And yes folx, this stuff is JUST AS IMPORTANT as actually doing the workouts.


If these keys feel like a lot, try starting with the 1 that feels the most manageable. Then build from there – slow and steady!

And if you still feel a bit uncertain, we can help! Respond directly to this email with any questions, OR…

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Stay tuned for more fitness tips to come!

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