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What you get with 3wave FItness

Support & Accountability

Even though our programs offer you autonomy, you still get built-in support with coach check-ins, podcasts, and an online community where we share tons of helpful fitness and nutrition videos and resources.

Custom Workout programs

We work with you to create an individualized training plan that meets your goals, needs and fitness equipment – or lack thereof. We’re here to listen and help you succeed, your way. 

Coaching at your fingertips

With an ever growing exercise library and instructional content, there are endless possibilities. You’ll have us coaches right there with you in the comfort of your own home, or your own gym – anywhere in the world.

Our Services

Monthly Challenges

Quick and convenient workouts!

Join our monthly challenges where you get a new coach-designed workout every week that builds on a specific goal each month. Stick with us for the long haul and you’ll get a well-rounded fitness experience to help you get stronger all over. 

Online training

Personal training without the 1-1 cost!

We offer personalized exercise programs with video tutorials so you can have your coaches right with you along the way.  We have options for extra support and accountability, like email and video checkins to review progress, technique and goals. 

1-1 Personal Training

This is the up-close-and-personal 3Wave Fitness experience! 

We offer in-person and virtual 1-1 training sessions for maximum accountability and the ULTIMATE coaching experience. 

Work with us in New West or PoCo, or from anywhere in the world!

This is a great team to work with! They're incredibly knowledgeable about movement and they make training fun. Highly recommend!
Virtual Training Client
Professional coaches with the education, knowledge and expertise to help you with your fitness and health goals. Excellent service and innovative delivery model that works in the current contactless world wherever you are.
Virtual Training Client

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