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Does Exercise Help You Feel Better?

So it turns out that fitness does help you feel better…   According to a CBC article posted on Jan 21 2022, BC researchers are suggesting that there’s good evidence…
3Wave Wavetalks S02E03 – Halimah Beaulieu – Square TitleCard – Social

Fit Chat: Equity Diversity Inclusion

Fit Chat (from the podcast): Equity, diversity, and inclusion consultant collaborator, Halimah Beaulieu. This week on the WaveTalks podcast, we talk organizational diversity, racial justice, inclusion, and touch on how…

Fit Chat: A life not limited by Crohn’s

Fit Chat (from the podcast): Talking with former university basketball player, Luca Schmidt. Over on the WaveTalks podcast, we were incredibly lucky to sit down with Luca Schmidt, who’s university…

RPE and AMRAP: What are they?

RPE This is an acronym that stands for Rate of Perceived Exertion. This is a scale of 1-10 that allows you to decide how intense an activity feels, or for…

Consistency & Long Term Success

Tips for consistency Find a weekly running club. It helps to be around like minded individuals that hold you accountable and inspire you Plan your runs at the start of…

How’s your running progress going?

We’re super excited to have teamed up with Jordan from the Steel & Oak Run Club to help all of you with your running goals. Today we’re sharing some hot…

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