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Does Exercise Help You Feel Better?

So it turns out that fitness does help you feel better…


According to a CBC article posted on Jan 21 2022, BC researchers are suggesting that there’s good evidence that simple, moderate exercise can help to alleviate depression. The researchers at UBC’s Kinesiology department gave 300 participants a membership to a fitness app after doing an initial screening, then through subsequent screenings looked at the changes. In the article they note that those who were reporting the most severe symptoms at the start of the study showed the biggest improvements. 


This study builds on recent existing studies that have shown similar trends and results, though it’s obviously tempered with the need to do whatever else to support your own mental health, including the recommendations of medical professionals and the maintenance of any habits, medications or otherwise that you are currently doing. 


Have a read of the article and let us know what you think! 


Does a push-up a day keep the doctor away? (No, but it definitely helps.)

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