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Fit Chat: A life not limited by Crohn’s

Fit Chat (from the podcast): Talking with former university basketball player, Luca Schmidt.

Over on the WaveTalks podcast, we were incredibly lucky to sit down with Luca Schmidt, who’s university basketball career was derailed by a serious diagnosis. Here’s the recap… 

After tireless tries with diet changes, dismissive doctors, and undying distress, Luca was left unable to work, move, or pursue the dreams she had for her future. Even with so much hardship in the beginning, she was able to come out on top and live a life not limited by Crohn’s.

Luca shares her experience of misdiagnosis (which is not uncommon) and how she stood up for her body and figured out what was wrong. She tells us stories, coping mechanisms, favourite snacks, and even some beautiful lessons we can take away from hard situations. 

Her life was changed forever by this diagnosis, but it is a true testament to resilience and strength. 

The Quote: 

If anyone ever feels like something is wrong, and they’ve been told by a doctor: “You’re fine, you’re okay, it’s nothing serious.” But in your gut, it’s telling you something is wrong, then you need to fight for yourself.

It’s okay that I’m not there, I will get there one day. Maybe I never will, but it’s okay to take rest days. 


The Key Takeaways:

  1. Be sensitive to others, because you never know what they might be facing in life. A little sensitivity can go a long way for someone who feels challenged by something. 


  1. Be confident in your abilities, and advocate for yourself. You are your number 1 cheerleader, who has overcome every hardship you’ve been faced with. 


  1. Listen to your body. If it’s telling you something, listening is the first step you can take. You will find more solutions than you think.


  1. Know there is support out there, and people who will listen. Find your bulletproof support system. You’re not alone. 


To catch the whole conversation, throw on this episode during your next workout, or check out the latest chat on social.

Want to follow Luca’s snacksta page? Follow her at 


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