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In a season of excess, ground yourself with gratitude







Today, we want you to write down 3 things you’re grateful for and why.

December tends to be a month of excess – excessive shopping for gifts and deals; excessive stress over party planning, shopping, work, finances, food; and excessive expectations on ourselves to show up with a smile and jingle bells on despite having a jam-packed schedule and an excess of other commitments.


Don’t worry! We’re not judging or hating on the holidays, because your 3Wave coaches here are all VERY willing participants in this excess as well.

Here’s where the gratitude list come in:

Amid all the excessive hustle & bustle, we don’t want you to forget the things that truly fulfill you and bring you pure, unadulterated joy.

Once you’ve got your list, you can refer back to this in your most discombobulated moments to help ground you and bring you back to what matters most to you.

For example, if you’re stressing out because you can’t find the perfect gift for someone you love, go back to the list. Let it prompt some questions:

What’s most important here?

What will happen if I don’t find the perfect gift?

Is there a better way to show my love for this person than running around, searching high and low for something I’m not sure exists?

Again, this is not about judgment, because trust us, we looooooove watching our favourite people open up a perfectly-picked gift. But we want to make sure you’re not losing yourself or sacrificing any part of yourself to make these things happen.

When you come back to gratitude, you’ll find self-compassion, peace and possibly something more perfect than the perfect gift.

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