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What we love about strength training and why summer is a great time to start

Summer is a great time to start or ramp up your training routine. While we never advocate for things like ‘beach body’ season or any of that malarkey, we do believe wholeheartedly in the quest to better oneself for the winter and future.

“Like androids?”

Uh, no. We’ll explain a little more.

What we mean is that during the winter there are a lot of risks that pop up with inclement weather, and also with the more sedentary lifestyle that comes with it. Long nights and cold days make for more decisions of convenience, like deciding to stay in and watch shows or driving to the store versus walking. And over the winter months, these things add up. Now, pair that with the years that you’ve lived through so far, and the negative effects of sedentary habits can add up. This is where the idea of training for your ‘future body’ comes into play. 

We have this great capacity as humans (apologies to any non-humans reading this) to start exactly where we’re at today and make improvements that will benefit us moving forward in time. And one thing that often limits our capacity for doing these things is motivation.  

So let’s assume that you are motivated because you are reading this… (or, perhaps, BY this? Hmmm?) What does it mean to add a sprinkle of strength training to your life? What benefits can that addition yield? 

Well, for starters, it makes you stronger. I mean, it’s right there in the name. Strength training adds strength to the muscles in your body, which can make activities easier or more enjoyable, prevent injuries, aid in recovery after activity and more. And, for any concerned, this does not mean ‘bulking’ or adding a lot of muscle mass – we’re talking about reasonable expectations and quality of life improvements here. 

Also, further to the prevention of injury – that strength training work you do can help with a really important issue as we age, like falls. You’ve likely heard of or know an older person who has broken a hip or other bone after a fall. And for many seniors this can be a death sentence. The strength not only helps you to support yourself, but it also helps improve the neurological connection between brain and muscles while also helping to improve bone density. Plus, the ability to coordinate your movements through continued practice will be a massive boon to your not becoming a version of this story. 

Oh yeah – one more thing about the future self: there are a lot of cognitive issues that can appear as we age – and you know what helps to mitigate those issues? You guessed it, strength training.

Regular training will help to maintain your cognitive ability and neuroplasticity, thanks to BDNF that our bodies secrete during exercise. Many studies have shown this link between exercising regularly and improvements in quality of life for those diagnosed with neurodegenerative diseases. 

But we as a society do not just live for the future, we live for the moment! And that means that we need to talk about how strength training can benefit you now.

I will jump back to the concept of ‘winter body’ as we are hurtling through the summer towards a rainy fall and a heck of a winter. 

The strength training that you do now helps you to be more stable in slippery conditions, recover from injuries more quickly, and good habits that you create and nurture now will be easier to maintain (rather than having to try to start) when that aforementioned dark and cold roll into your reality. 

There’s also a real benefit to how we feel about ourselves in our bodies, and we’re not talking about you flexing in the mirror… No, moreso we’re talking about you actually just shifting to a more positive mindset. You are accomplishing something, you’re able to do things more easily and with less pain, your heart is healthier, your mind is more plastic, your blood sugar regulation is improved and you may even experience a change for the better in any self-view structures that may cause you discomfort! (An example of this being body dysmorphia or negative self-talk about your appearance.) 

We absolutely love the idea of strength training for everyone, and not just because it’s our job to work with amazing people like you in this space. All of the 3Wave coaches can speak to their own good experiences or improvements from when they started training. 

This ebbs and flows in life, and if you’re just trying to get through today after surviving a pandemic and all of the other zany things that are happening in our world right now, know that this is not a judgment if you’re not ready to start today. 

This is just a kind reminder that we are rooting for you, ready to help you on your amazing journey. 

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