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Fit Chat: Equity Diversity Inclusion

Fit Chat (from the podcast): Equity, diversity, and inclusion consultant collaborator, Halimah Beaulieu.

This week on the WaveTalks podcast, we talk organizational diversity, racial justice, inclusion, and touch on how those factors affect the fitness industry. Here’s the recap… 

Halimah is a professional in the field of diversity and inclusion. She consults with nonprofit businesses to help them look inward and build better equity practices.

EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) is the topic this week: Halimah explains why this is such a necessary topic right now. She talks to us about the challenges she and others face as POC, and how we can be more inclusive as a community. We dive into issues of accessibility and discrimination within the fitness and other industries; whether that be microaggressions, exclusion, or even aggressive interpersonal racism. Unpacking these issues is the first step to becoming more inclusive. 

The Quote: 

“Everyone has the right to fitness, everyone has the right to move.”


The Key Takeaways:

  1. Don’t judge people on the basis of looks or race. Stray away from any microaggressions or acts of exclusion. Humanity transcends race!


  1. Acknowledge the origins of the practices you engage in. Look into the history, and lift the communities up. 


  1. Become aware of intersectionalities around you, and do what you can to help be accommodating.


  1. Have an open mind, and educate yourself.


To catch the whole conversation, throw on this episode during your next workout, or check out our social media for highlights. 

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