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Strengthen Your Hamstrings from Home!

This week we’re sharing 3 hamstring exercises you can do from home. Why? Because strong hamstrings get us through the day! A big complaint we often hear from clients is that…

Snack ideas to fit your goals and cravings!

Hey Fitness Humans, This week we’re sharing a video about FOOD! We love food. If you’d like to see some healthy snack swaps, click the link below to watch our video.…

Is sitting the new smoking?

Is Sitting the New Smoking? Listen here! In this podcast episode we break down a study about the side effects of sitting and share some tips on how to offset…

Quick Squat Tips!

2:30 of your time is all we’re asking to make sure your squat technique is on point. Got questions? We’re here to help!

All we need is just a little…

Today we’re spending not much time talking about context of patience.  You know what it is already, and we don’t need to pander to a lowest common denominator (you’re smart,…

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