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I SAT AT A DESK FOR SO LONG TO MAKE THIS VIDEO! Oh the subtle irony of me now having to do

Quick Squat Tips!

2:30 of your time is all we’re asking to make sure your squat technique is on point. Got questions? We’re here to

Today we’re spending not much time talking about context of patience.  You know what it is already, and we don’t need to

Get the burn on! It’s time for Dee to take you on an adventure to… I don’t know… cardiotown? Follow along as we

Go ahead, listen to this. Listen to this 13 minute podcast about 12 minute workouts while doing a 12 minute workout and

Coach Jess takes us through a full-body flow workout in 12min, no equipment required.

Thank you, Fitness Humans!

Thanks to all of your support, we were able to donate a portion of our proceeds this month to the Federation of

Yeah – let’s get all up in that thing. We’re talking pushing it, sitting on it, walking up it upside down! It’s

We’re running around the house doing reps off of everything like wiggly puppies, and now we’re on the coffee table (or the

Today we talk turkey. Kind of. Actually we don’t talk turkey at all. There’s no turkey involved whatsoever. I don’t know why

At-Home Pillow Workout!

Here are 3 quick exercises you can do with just a pillow!

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