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Use what you know to create new habits

So, you think you have proven habit forming techniques? The answer is: you absolutely do!
Our habits are formed through repeated past experiences that get imprinted into our brain. The more you do it, the less you’ll actually have to think about it! So, instead of bargaining with yourself about whether you feel like doing those posture exercises for the week – pair it with something you literally always do.
Whether it’s brushing your teeth, taking vitamins, preparing dinner, or even going to work each day – these are tasks that you’ve incorporated into your routine. You already do a lot of these things on autopilot. That’s your advantage! Now you can apply this to your fitness and movement goals.
We’ll give you some examples that are tried, tested, and true by the team that might inspire you to modify your own routines.
  • Dee does posture exercises and foot strengthening while she brushes her teeth and chops veggies.
  • Kam stretches during his Zoom meetings, and leaves notes as reminders around his house.
  • Jess massages her feet when she sits at her desk or she stands while working. TV time is foam rolling and stretch time, and she massages her jaw and neck muscles when she washes and moisturizes her face.
  • Nikki rolls out her neck during TV time and stretches after taking a vitamin D and magnesium supplement before bed.
We recommend using strong habits that you already do almost daily to piggyback your other habits on. You’ll get the best results by doing it as often as possible!
Use your already existing biology to create new habits that will stick for the long run. And remember… small, slow changes are the most sustainable, so don’t be afraid to take it one task at a time!
Let us know what fitness-habit combo you’ve chosen, and keep us updated on how it’s working for you!

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