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Consistency Unleashed! Elevating your fitness journey.

Cool word, straight-forward concept, and can feel surprisingly hard to create. 

So how do we do it?

Try different things!

Who knows what will work for you? Well, you will once you try some things out!
Whether that’s scheduling your workouts, adding rewards, creating a tracking system, setting some goals, getting a workout program or hiring a coach, you can try a new thing and see if it feels right. Think of it like test-driving a habit. And if it doesn’t feel awesome or sustainable, move on to the next.
*We are *ahem* coaches who do *cough* workout programming, in case you weren’t aware… 

On the subject of goals:

Meet yourself where you’re at! If your goal is to get to the gym, then great. If it’s to get through the workout that you have in front of you, then that’s an awesome goal as well. But, like eating an elephant, try to focus on the smaller bites.
*If you need a program to follow once you’re at the gym, we can help. 

Shame, the fly in the car with me: 

Here’s the toughest part of consistency, realizing that it too is variable. Consistency doesn’t have to be rigid. That makes keeping consistency easy, but it isn’t sustainable. And we sometimes get some emotion tied up into these things, especially when starting up. So try to go easy on yourself. If you find yourself getting upset about missing a workout day, talk to yourself like a friend who is upset about that. Tell them that it’s ok – you can go a different day, or just wait for the next workout day! The important part is just getting to that next one! 

You know what? I think that these tips may be things you already know. I’m not going to claim to have invented these… (But I did invent the wheel! Ha!)
But it’s really good to be reminded every once in a while. Us coaches really do believe in you and we just want to support you as you do awesome things!

But if you still feel a bit unsure, we’re here to help!
Shoot us your questions in a response to this email, OR

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We write this from a loving place with all of the best wishes for you on your fitness journey.

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