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12-minute Cardio Circuit

12 minutes to sweaty glory!











Today on Patreon we’re bringing back one of our favourite cardio workouts that you can follow along with, and it’s only 12 minutes!

5 exercises, 3 rounds, GO! 




Once you get the hang of each exercise, you might even be able to move faster than Coach Dee and add a 4th round. Give it a try!

1) Single Leg Walkouts (3 reps per side)

2) Shoulder Taps (6 reps per side) 

3) Plank Low Squat Hop (6 reps) 

4) Squat Calf Raise / Jump (6 reps) 

5) Toe Taps (10 reps per side)

 This circuit is perfect if you need a quick push on a busy day, or you can tack it onto our November challenge – or our upcoming December CHILLenge. Which reminds me, have you signed up for that yet?


At 3Wave Fitness, we have tons of training options to suit your busy lifestyle, from in-person group classes and monthly challenges to individualized online training.

Not sure what’s best for you? Book a free consult to chat with a 3Wave coach!

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