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Following a new theme each month, our monthly workout challenges will help you progress on your fitness goals each week.

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When you’re part of the monthly challenge, each week you’ll receive a workout plan, and corresponding exercise videos from our comprehensive library. Within a challenge, we stack skills so that each workout improves on the one before.

As a challenger, you can also get support from our coaches and 3Wave Fitness community by commenting on workout posts, or DMing us, on the challenge platform, Patreon.

How to join

Our monthly challenges run through Patreon, an online subscription membership platform. 

To access the workouts for our monthly challenges, head to our Patreon sign up page and join the Gravity Wave membership tier for $25/month as shown below. 

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You’ll be notified every time a new workout is posted, plus you’ll unlock all our past workouts and content.

If you have any questions about our monthly workout challenge, email us at and we’ll be happy to help you!