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We talk to a boxing / MMA coach about rolling with the punches.

Have you felt a little beat up by the world over the last few days… weeks…. months….. YEARS…. Well our latest podcast discusses what it’s like to be beat up for a living, and could have some transferrable tips to help with your resiliency. 

We have a great conversation with Joey Foy, who is a boxing coach in the Greater Vancouver area. We discuss some of his history around getting into MMA and what made him shift from competing to coaching. And in that shift is where he’s found his wisdom and joy and developed his tools for dealing with the stresses of life. And he has a lot of advice about great resources to work with if you’re interested in boxing or MMA in the Greater Vancouver Area. 

Come along on the journey through Joey’s life and let us know what your takeaway is from this podcast! 

Be sure to follow him @sapperton_scrapper and subscribe to our podcast and follow us as well @3Wave_Fitness!

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