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Fitness: Self-Talk, Mental Health in tough times and Community

Self talk can drag us down if it’s not supportive, and a community can fill in that support, but sometimes in a direction that keeps leading us away from actual fulfillment.

Picture it: You’re at the gym, it’s not the best day and that negative voice starts to creep in… It’s telling you those same negative things that it always does, and most of the time you can ignore it, but today… today not so much. And you try to keep a brave face, but it creeps in to all corners of your mind, your confidence, your self-worth, etc.

We look to our communities for support and can find that support in as negative a light. Sometimes our own thoughts lead us to communities that seem supportive, but actually accelerate our own negativity, which can lead to changes in our beliefs about the self and the world.

Now, what do you do when the earth goes into lockdown, when the normal facets of life are threatened and when every day brings new challenges that you may not be ready for? What do you do when all of a sudden your routine is disrupted and there is no more gym and you’re trying to figure out what your daily routine looks like now that everything, including your workouts, have to be done from home?

This whole pandemic year that we’ve been experiencing has shown that there are cracks in the armour, and sometimes it can be hard to fix those cracks or not feel defeated entirely.

Uncertainty sucks.

So let’s keep this simple and talk about what it means to be here, and what we can do to move ourselves past this moment in our own heads.

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