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Consistency & Long Term Success

Tips for consistency
  • Find a weekly running club. It helps to be around like minded individuals that hold you accountable and inspire you
  • Plan your runs at the start of the week so you can prioritize accordingly
  • If you lack motivation on the day, try to go out for 5 mins. If you still don’t want to run, head back home. If you feel good, carry on. Even getting out for a few minutes enforces the habit
  • If you run in the morning, lay out your clothes and shoes the night before to streamline your routine
  • Give yourself attainable goals for the week. Be proud of your progress!

Use the 5 tips for consistency in your training and be patient! Regular recovery is just as important as training. It can actually help you become more consistent and foster long term success! See this video to learn more.

To see our 5 tips for long term success, see the full post in Patreon. Speaking of Patreon… On April 1st we have our next round of Fitschool: AMRAP (AsManyRepsAsPossible). We’ll learn about building endurance and how to boost your energy. Signing up gives you full access to the archives of FitSchool, so get that training in.

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