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How’s your running progress going?

We’re super excited to have teamed up with Jordan from the Steel & Oak Run Club to help all of you with your running goals. Today we’re sharing some hot tips from Jordan, and a little more about his love of an activity many people dread. Here’s Jordan:

My name is Jordan! I’ve been a runner for nine years, and recently I started a weekly run club at Steel & Oak Brewing where I manage Customer Engagement and work as a server. 

I started running shortly after finishing university when I decided to sign up for a 10k race to raise money for Cancer Research. Through this race, I found a passion for running and discovered the sense of empowerment it made me feel. For a couple of years, I focused on shorter road races (5k-half marathon), and reveled in the self-competition of improving my times. 

Tips for a more joyous run

Pick somewhere beautiful to run.

Practise mindfulness.

Stay relaxed.

Use music or podcasts/audiobooks.

Choose a mantra to repeat.

Jordan is all about finding the joy in running, and sharing that with others, which is why you’ll catch us at all his Run Club meetups every Wednesday night this month, so come join us!

Read the whole post in Patreon and find some really good tips to improve your running experience.

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And learn more about FitSchool’s March Madness here, and sign up today! Subscribers get access to all previous content, so you won’t be missing out. Happy running!

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