5-Exercise Partner Workout










Who says you have to train alone?

Click here for our fun & quick partner workout you can do at home!

Dee and Jess are here to coach you through 5 different partner moves to help you get a full body workout.

2 exercises involve a dumbbell or household object, and the other 3 just need your buddy and your body:

Back to Back Wall Sit with DB Pass – 4-6 reps per direction
DB Pass from Deadbug – 6-8 reps
Crab to Foot High Five – 8-10 reps per side
Squat Bottom Hold / Squat Pulses – 4-6 holds per partner (or 12-16 squats total per partner)
Plank Up / Hop Over – 4-6 jumps per partner

Click here for the video so you can see all the exercises in action. 

At 3Wave Fitness, our goal is to make fitness fit your busy lifestyle with quick workouts like this one!

Now go ahead and send this to someone you want to train with!

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