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Outdoor Stair Workout at Hume Park

You know how to stairs, but do you know how to work out on your stairs?

Here we’ll be showing you a couple of exercises you can do on a set of stairs to help start the burn – but you need to check out our full video on Patreon for the rest that make up the full workout! (You’ll also get so much more on Patreon, including workout challenges and full libraries of past videos!!)

You’re going to learn Rear Foot Elevated Lunges and Stair Jumps in this video!

The Rear Foot Elevated Lunge OR RFE Lunge is a challenging advance from a regular lunge, so please be sure to start on the lowest riser and get comfortable with the movement before you advance to higher risers!

Stair Jumps are a throwback to when you were a kid (come on… admit it!) but need to be approached with some respect! You’re not a rubber-boned kid anymore (unless you are) and so you need to make sure that your form is spot-on with these! The wind up for the jump and the landing are equally important, so pay attention to the tips Dee is giving while Jess happily jumps around on the stairs!

In the PATREON version of this video we include 3 extra exercises that can help to complete a full-body workout, including Push Ups on Stairs, Plank Ups on Stairs and Stair Runs (Crossover Steps). You’ll get these extra exercises which can help make a big difference in STEPPING UP your workout game!

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