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A pelvic health tip from a pelvic floor pro!

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Since we’ve been featuring pelvic health all month, we thought this would be a great day for a guest post from a pelvic health pro!

We’ve personally worked with Corrie from the Cheerful Pelvis, so we truly appreciate her incredible wealth of knowledge, passion and support around pelvic health.

Here’s what she’s sharing with us today:

Kegels alone are not enough!!

This is my tip for athletes who are leaking or getting symptoms of pelvic heaviness with high impact activities. Some people have great pelvic floor strength on assessment when they are laying down and relaxed but may still have symptoms with running, box jumps, or skipping. Specific pelvic floor strengthening (learning how to contract and relax the pelvic floor) is often the pre-requisite but not the end game. Just like you wouldn’t train to run a marathon by only walking, you can’t train for high impact activity but just doing slow or quick contractions.

Working with a coach or physiotherapist can address your technique of how you’re doing your favourite activity and/or break it down into components so we can train your pelvic floor to meet the demand.

And sometimes it’s not about up-training (strengthening) the pelvic floor at all and is actually about learning how to relax it in the right context.

So for for all the athletes wearing black leggings, pads, dehydrating themselves or ‘pre-peeing’ before exercise – find yourself a pelvic health physiotherapist!

Corrie – MPT, Registered Physiotherapist & Pelvic Floor Therapist

If you have any questions, comment below or email us at If we can’t help, we know just who to ask 😉

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