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Exercises to boost your paddle sports

Row row row your… Paddleboard? Kayak? Canoe? Row Boat? Swan shaped floating bike thingy? 
This video focuses on exercises that you can do to strengthen your paddling game!
We have L-Sit Alternating band rows that look at first glance like they’d just be for seated rowing, but this will pay dividends for your paddleboarding as well. We want you to do 10-12 repetitions per side for each set, and doing 3 sets of both of the exercises is a great addition to your workout if you’re training for any of these watersports or water activities.
The second exercise is a really fun one – a Single Leg Toss & Catch. This one challenges your balance and coordination, which comes in handy when you’re paddleboarding, or doing any activity on the water! You can up the intensity of this exercise by using items that are different sizes, shapes and weights. Do not use breakable things or do this near breakable things. You can also try standing on a destabilized surface like a gym mat or foam pad – but start slowly as this adds an element of extra challenge that you may not expect. Make sure you’ve mastered the standard exercise before you try this one.
In the PATREON version of this video we include 3 extra exercises that can help to solidify your balance on your paddleboard, and also help your understanding of the concepts we’re discussing in this video! You’ll get these extra exercises which can help make a big difference in your endurance, stamina, strength and enjoyment of your sport.
But that’s not the only perk you get on Patreon. For as little as $10 per month you get access to a whole lot of fitness and lifestyle videos that we don’t put on YT or social, as well early access to our podcast: “WaveTalks”, and the opportunity to interact with the coaches of 3Wave directly to get answers to your biggest fitness questions! Patreon:
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