Make pushups your friend!

Pushups get a bad rap and are often seen as a form of punishment, so we’re changing the narrative on pushups!

There’s nothing easy about performing a pushup, but that doesn’t mean they’re not valuable. Training our pushup helps us build overall strength in our muscles, joints and ligaments, and we’d also argue that there’s some mental strength that comes out of such challenging work. Being able to push yourself up from the floor in any capacity is also a great skill to keep with you into all ages of life.

We released a video on Patreon showing you 3 exercises that help support your muscles and joints so you can keep building up your pushup strength, as well as 4 pushup variations you can start with to help build up to your first pushup if you’re not quite there yet. Click here to join us on Patreon and access the workout (and tons more helpful fitness content) now!
Here’s a quick teaser of the video to get you started on your pushups:
If you’ve got questions, reach out to us here or on social media. We’re here to help!

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