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Arm and Shoulder Workout with a Twist!

Happy Easter if you celebrate, otherwise Happy Long Weekend to you, Fitness Humans!

We recently talked about ‘spot reduction’ in one of our podcasts (link at the bottom to listen now!), so while we pretty much debunked that idea, we talked about how we can choose to spend more time working certain muscle groups to help them get bigger and/or stronger so they really pop.
*Please note that diet will also affect muscle development.
**Please note that by diet we don’t mean food restriction; we mean regular food intake.

To build a bit of size and definition in your arms and shoulders, you’ll need to make sure you’re hitting those muscles frequently, at a challenging intensity, and at medium to high rep ranges. This means that rather than just hitting the reps indicated, you should make sure the muscles you’re targeting are very fatigued by the end of the set.

This quick arm circuit will make a great addition to your existing program to help you give a little extra love to your arms!

Click the video below to check out these 4 classic exercises for your upper body – with a little twist!

Arms and Shoulders Workout:

8-12 reps/side x Long Head Biceps Curl
8-12/side x Tricep Kickback with Ulnar Deviation
8-12 x Bronson Hammer Curl
8-12 x Triceps Plank Pushup

Repeat 3-4 times through!

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