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Strengthen Your Hamstrings from Home!

This week we’re sharing 3 hamstring exercises you can do from home. Why? Because strong hamstrings get us through the day!

A big complaint we often hear from clients is that their hamstrings are chronically tight. Foam rolling and stretching can offer some relief in the moment, but generally trying to lengthen the muscle passively won’t stop them from tightening up all over again.

Our hamstrings are typically meant to work together with the glutes, hip flexors and core to provide stability and movement around the pelvis, but for a lot of reasons, our hamstrings often end up taking on the whole load without any support of those surrounding muscles. Because of that, we end up with hamstring muscles that are tight, overworked and weak. Stretching and rolling can relieve tension in the moment, but in order to fully relax and lengthen, our muscles need strength.

With this week’s video, we’re sharing 3 exercises that help restore the relationship between the hamstrings and basically everything else around the hips so you can give your hamstring the support and strength they need to be at their best!

At Home Hamstring Workout:

4-8 reps x Foam Roller Walkout
8-12/side x Single Leg Deadlift
6-10 x Hamstring Slides

Repeat 3 times through!

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