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Snack ideas to fit your goals and cravings!

Hey Fitness Humans,

This week we’re sharing a video about FOOD!

We love food.

If you’d like to see some healthy snack swaps, click the link below to watch our video. We’re taking some classic late-night snacking comfort foods and offering up some lower-calorie/higher-nutrient options to try instead.

The Healthy Snack question comes up frequently for us coaches, so we thought it’d be handy dandy to make a video about it.

We want to make it very clear that there is nothing wrong with eating the first foods we introduce in this video. Through our collective experiences and education, we’ve come to believe that no food is inherently bad or good – unless you’re deathly allergic to something, then that food kinda becomes inherently bad for you, doesn’t it?

There are so many reasons behind the decisions we make about the food we eat because while food is fuel, it’s also many other things to us, and that’s ok!

Food gives us energy and life, brings us comfort and joy, can be an emotional tool for coping, and it can also bring us closer to others… when there isn’t a global pandemic going on, of course. Food shouldn’t ever be the thing that brings us guilt, shame or punishment.

If you’ve made the decision to lose weight, choosing some lower-calorie/higher-nutrient food options can help with energy levels and satiety while in a caloric deficit, especially since you can usually pack a lot of veggies onto a plate without adding a lot of calories. This shouldn’t mean that there isn’t room for some higher-calorie/lower-nutrient options, though. Making food choices that are uncomfortably rigid and difficult to adhere to over the long term isn’t going to be very conducive to weight loss goals. Labeling any food as off-limits tends to have that alluring forbidden “fruit” effect which makes us want it even more, so in some cases, a snack swap is super helpful, but in others, going for the real ice cream deal is the clear choice.

We should still be able to enjoy the foods and eating experiences we love during a sustainable weight loss journey. If you’re not sure what this looks like, reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to chat with you about what sort of support and guidance we can offer in regards to eating habits and food choices.

If your fitness journey doesn’t include weight loss, hopefully you’re still enjoying a comfortable balance and variety of foods. We encourage clients to try to check in with themselves physically and mentally around food and exercise decisions, because we feel that that’s the best way to find out what’s best for you. This process if never easy, especially since a lot of us have grown up learning to ignore our deep and innate needs.

What does hunger feel like? What does fullness feel like? What does love feel like? What does does safety feel like? What does joy feel like? What foods make you feel great? What foods give you funky digestive issues? What foods taste amazing? When do you feel most energized? When’s your favourite time to work out?

This is why fitness and nutrition aren’t one-size-fits-all concepts. This is why we’re here as 3Wave Fitness to help make fitness work for YOU, not the other way around.

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