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Beat the boredom!

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This smoke situation is creating a bit of challenge for this Monday, especially for New Westies. 

As someone who likes to watch shows and movies, even I get a little stir crazy staying inside watching Netflix all day!

Some suggestions for getting moving while inside, aside from doing your workout:

Play on the floor (this helps if you have pets or small humans)- chase your pet around by crawling or crab-walking, or do some side planks, downward dogs, shinboxes or other funky positions while you play. Try sitting upright with your legs out as wide as they can go, then try lifting your leg up and over your pet, a shoe or a water bottle. Take 5 minutes to get creative on the floor!

Vacuum or sweep your house – Put some music on, get jazzy with it, throw in some squats or throw a band around your knees for an extra burn.

Prep your meals for the week – Pull out all your veggies or fruits and get chopping! Put some music on and try some single leg stances, calf raises or squats (very carefully) while you cook. 

Indoor hop scotch – Who says it’s just for kids? Tape some lines down on your floor and start hopping! You could also tape out a ladder shape and do some classic ladder drills on there. 

While you’re doing any of these, you could put on one of our YouTube videos or recorded Wave Talks for a little inspiration as well!Hope you’re all staying safe and entertaining yourselves!

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