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Today we step up to the challenges that we face.

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I mean it’s literally a video about Step Ups.  But we’ve had a lot of conversations with ourselves about how we wanted to approach this, and we’ve decided that being honest about how we feel is the best course of action. 

This shit sucks, but it’s necessary.  What’s happening in the USA right now is a good reminder to all of us that we can do better… Nay – we MUST do better.  We will look at how to better support at risk populations as we continue to grow as a company, but for now we wanted to give an option for your support that you may not have considered, but that makes a difference right here in our area. 

Lu’ma is a group that works with the aboriginal population in the greater Vancouver area and provides housing, medical, cultural and social support.  It was suggested by Jess as a good group to help because of her ties to the community and her belief in the need to stand up in our privilege to assist a population that has been treated so horribly throughout the history of our country.

Of course, if you’re supporting BLM in the US or another group here, we applaud you.  But if you’re curious about what you can do around here, here’s one great option.  If you have others that you’d like to suggest, we’re all ears.  

Something funnier next time, probably.  

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