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The Overhead Press – Week 1!

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We have 3 weeks of these videos coming up, and we’re starting right at…well…the start! This video will examine what the actions of the shoulder are and how we can see where we’re at with our shoulder mobility (all the “we”‘s in this are you, just to be clear.) 

Have a watch and let us know what you think.  This comes to you first as Patrons and we’ll release it to the wide world on Saturday! 

Please let your friends and family know about what we’re doing here.  We’d love to be able to grow the community, even if it’s just people paying $5 a month for the access to the lowest tier.  We’re sure they will get their money’s worth and have a great time.  And that will help us with the ability to support you as well! So it’s win-win!  

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