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The Bloopers from our Nutrition Video series

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This week’s video and next week’s video are all about nutrition – but from the perspective of your coaches.  What’s worked for us, how we feel about the subject and some of our memoirs with food. 

AND it was our first shoot back together after months of Zooming.  (By the way – we’re looking into alternatives for Zoom – please send us your suggestions.) We did stay socially distanced, maintaining the 2m bubble within the space as best we could, checked in before the shoot to make sure everyone felt good and was not showing signs or symptoms, and then just had a really good time shooting together, because DAMMIT we are a really close crew and love being with each other.  

But, of course, there were moments that just looked so damned funny in footage that won’t make it into the final video on youtube that show just how much fun we have together, and we’d really like you to take some time here and watch this, because DEE FINALLY CRACKS!!  Weeks of shooting in the comfort of her home and we got very sparing blooper footage from her, and this one we could hardly keep her on task. It was amazing. And Jess gets the brunt of Kam’s garbage truck conspiracy and Xochitl the Xolo’s (So-Chee the Sho-Lo) little meltdowns because she wasn’t getting enough attention while we were shooting.  Kam is just…salty…as usual – but that always yields a couple of good moments for blooper footage for sure.  

Anyway – as always and ever, we love that you’re here with us and will continue to get you guys this stuff that no one else gets, and also our videos early.  Be sure to watch the new nutrition video on Friday.  You won’t be disappointed! 

Also – please tell your friends about us.  We need to grow and would love to have more people here on Patreon if they just want to have access to the latest and greatest and exclusivist and funniest content, and reach out to us if they want some specific questions answered or programming for their needs!! 

We wish peace, progress, love and clean hands all around. 

See you Friday. 


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