Fitness Depot & the hunt for fitness equipment.

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Hey all – so I spent this week going to multiple fitness product retailers to see whom had the best selection of gear and doesn’t seem to have as much by way of ‘advantage pricing’, and that would be fitness depot.  Certainly not to slag any of the other retailers that I visited, but I was surprised at how little they had in store, and how much they were charging for things.  Fitness Depot just off of Broadway in Vancouver (near Boundary) seems to have the most through-put of any of the retailers, and the gravity hasn’t been turned way up on their pricing.  

They also seem to have the most stock coming in on a regular basis, based on the conversations that I had with employees at these places.

A disclaimer: I only went to places in the GVA on the North West side of the Fraser, so if you’re stomping ground is elsewhere and you know something, or even here and you know something different, let us know here! 


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