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Did 3Wave just break the Step Up code? Let’s find out!

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I think I’m getting good a click bait.  But gaslighting is still a bit of a mystery to me.  I feel like it’s becoming the new “literally”… (Like how Literally became Figuratively? Yeah – everything is gaslighting now, which may be really effective gaslighting…) 

OK – let’s talk about the video, shall we?  We are looking at the Step Up this week, and if you don’t think you need to learn how to do a proper step up, then you don’t think you’ll ever encounter a social distancing line for an elevator, or need to walk, or stand ever again.  And I don’t think that’s very practical an expectation for you to hold so closely to your heart.  I care about your well-being, and so I NEED you to watch this at least 9 times, and tell all of your friends about it.  The more that you talk about it after watching it repeatedly, the more those concepts will stay and make sense in that beautiful mind of yours. 

So let’s get to it! 

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