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We’ve got your back… and your front. Let’s talk Balance!

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Balance is one of the words that is being thrown around a lot right now (like “Pivot” or “the”…) and we wanted to weigh in on this to be a part of the cool crowd. But we’re not talking about a yoga routine or diet, we’re talking about why it’s important when you’re choosing exercises to have balance between the exercises (front/back, up/down, etc.) and also balance around why you’re doing this in the first place.

The exercise selection balance is super important to make sure that you’re not just working out certain muscle groups and ignoring others, because even when you’re going for an aesthetic (as we will discuss) you need to make sure that you’re staying healthy and safe by keeping the main muscles that you’re working limber and mobile and the opposing muscles strong enough to balance the forces created by the target muscles.

It’s so important that we start to examine the ‘why’ of why we work out, as well. If it comes from a place of shame or inadequacy it may not be something sustainable. We always see the stories of those who persevere through the struggle of these mental states, but we all know that for the majority of us it doesn’t last when we start something new like that, and then we can suffer more. So let’s talk about that and see if we can find another way to approach the workouts that we want to do or the activities that we want to integrate!

Link to Dee’s Journey short doc – go to vimeo and search “Dee’s Journey”.

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