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Circadian rhythm and seasonal ebbs and flows.

The circadian rhythm is one of those things that is misunderstood, much maligned and often used as an excuse to justify many types of social faux pas. Many believe that it’s set in stone from an early age and that we are just bound to the moniker that describes our patterns like “early bird” or “night owl”… (Is there a middle one? Like an “afternoon pigeon”?)

But what if we told you that the circadian rhythm wasn’t set in stone? And that a lot of the sleep hygiene things that help with quality of sleep can also be used to adjust your circadian rhythm? What about if we told you that a lot of the tools and tricks used to help with ADHD (or VAST – which if you don’t know what that is – listen to the podcast!) will also help with adjusting and improving your circadian rhythm?

We discuss all this and more in this episode! You will even find out the truth about snow in Vancouver. (no, really…)

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