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wavetalks Podcast

Let’s talk about the differences that you need to adapt to when you move your workout from a gym to home for… you know… reasons. We cover the things that you need to know about how to change what you do in a gym into something that gets you similar results at home. This includes… Read...
Self talk can drag us down if it’s not supportive, and a community can fill in that support, but sometimes in a direction that keeps leading us away from actual fulfillment. Picture it: You’re at the gym, it’s not the best day and that negative voice starts to creep in… It’s telling you those same… Read...
This is our first podcast. We are a fitness collective that sits in that space between what you want to know and what effects your fitness journey! We want to help bring awareness to issues in the industry, help you figure out a good way to balance the needs of safety in this crazy COVID… Read...

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