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We want you to join us, and we want you to know that it’s going to be fun and super informative for

We’re so excited to announce our very first group coaching call. We’re going to get all our patrons (Gravity Wave Tier and

Upcoming Coaching Call!

Our first group coaching call is happening this week! We’d love to know which of these 2 dates works best for our

I would love to list this as a housing video, but it’s actually about exercise.  I mean, we’re an exercise channel, so

We can’t nail the videos on the first take every time, and we want to share the behind the scenes of what

Today we’re discussing the way that you get strong for pull ups from home.  Whether because of COVID or the next global

Next Wave Talk: How to Squat

It’s time for our second Wave Talk of the month, this Thursday, Aug 20th at 7:00-8:00pm PST.  Dee will lead us in

Yes.  This is that.  What I’ve said in the title.  Now, allow us to steal 8 minutes of your life that will

Neck pain!

You’ve often thought as him as the pain in the neck, so let’s see how he deals with pains in the neck!!

Charitable Passions

What charitable causes do you feel passionate about?  We want to know what the community cares about to help us dictate where

The recording from last night’s Wave Talk about tomato timer tips is available for viewing! Kameron offered up helpful tips for productivity,

Look –  Now’s the time to make your friends sign up for 3Wave.  We’re raising money for New West Pride Society this

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