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3Wave Step Up Outtakes

For the Patrons only!! Enjoy us not quite making the shot!  This content is available exclusively to members of this creator's Patreon

I mean it’s literally a video about Step Ups.  But we’ve had a lot of conversations with ourselves about how we wanted

How are things going?

Hey all you awesome humans.  We hope this finds you well in the midst of pandemics and revolutions.  Let’s talk about the

Here’s the link for our Zoom call going live at 6:00pm tonight: Hope to see you all there! This content is

Here’s the link for our Zoom call: This is an opportunity for us all to get together as a group and

Next Group Call!

It’s time for another group call this week! We had so much fun hanging out with you humans during our first call

I think I’m getting good a click bait.  But gaslighting is still a bit of a mystery to me.  I feel like

We want to know (not so that we can program it into any program for you, but we’d like to see what

These are some interesting times that we are living in, and it’s really tough to motivate oneself in the face of uncertainty,

At 3Wave Fitness, we commit to bringing you the best fitness experience you’ve ever had! We’re putting years of training, kinesiology and

Why, you ask?  Because we’re keeners.  That’s why.   Really though, let’s have a look at different ways that you can approach


Hey guys, thanks so much for your continued support.  We are loving this new adventure, and having fun along the way.  We’d

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